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Another firecracker bangs, and she jumps with fright.

May 19, 2012

The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman
8 min in bed

Under the bed is full of my dead hair and clouds. I wonder how long I will have to wait here before Miss comes to rescue me. It would be more comfortable if this was a week that Marisol came, the wood would smell like lemons and my nose wouldn’t tickle. Miss likes it better when Marisol comes after she has all her people friends over.
I hope it doesn’t take too long for Miss to come looking. There are more people this year and more of those little plastic flags. The people always like to wave them in my face and coo over the three clips Miss puts in my hair. She’s definitely going to give me extra treats since she’s taking so long. She always looks for me as soon as the big bangs start. That new person with the extra hair is making her forget things.

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