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sometimes you feel … sometimes you don’t

September 19, 2012

It’s foggy up in command central these days.  Great ideas are blinking off in the distance but I haven’t been able to guide anything for a clear landing.  Other creative ideas have lined up on the runway, but are grounded and unable to take off.  The sky will clear, that is inevitable.  Change is the one constant.

A wise artist once told me sometimes you’re in a productive state, spewing creativity and sometimes the creative reserves are depleted and you need to shift to ‘intake’ mode.  Once you’ve refilled the reserves and the inspiration fuse has been relit, you’ll naturally revert to ‘output’ mode.

I accept that today, no amount of dark chocolate is going to shift things.  So I’m zipping up my anorak and heading out to hear Emma Donaghue read at the Toronto Reference Library.  Perhaps listening to someone who has once again successfully battled the dragons, will spark the fuse.  If not there’s always chocolate.


Candy! (Photo credit: Qfamily)

And meditation.

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