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It’s a pretty amazing time to be on this planet – lots of change and evolution.  But with the shifts comes fear and  I found myself caught in a cycle of worry and fear.  Cue Talking Heads…

you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

Looking backwards to figure out how to move forward seems counterintuitive.  Using the law of averages regarding family females, I may have crossed the halfway mark – my mother died just before her 61st birthday and my grandmother thrived up until her 92nd birthday.  When my time is up I want to know that I lived life conscientiously and creatively, fully conscious of my actions and their impact.  When I do look back at the end, will I smile with contentment or fret about needing a little more time?

There are no do-overs, but I can begin now, in the middle.

Daily Do’s

  • Embrace creativity
  • Try to live by the Golden Rule
  • Be kind to me (apply the Golden Rule to myself!)

*about quick dips ∞ writes

a quick creative exercise that has infinite possibilities – dip into a literary source for inspiration, (lately I’ve been dipping from random moments in the day) set the timer for 8 minutes, write*.  maybe something inspires to flip that 8 on it’s side and let the muse flow on…

it’s about staying creative.  every day. except maybe weekends.

*the writes take 8 min. but i do take a few minutes to edit for spelling and grammar.  

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